Well Inaugurated of Masjid Osman Bin Kamsi

Masjid Osman Bin Kamsi

Alhamdulillah, well inauguration program of Masjid Osman Bin Kamsi has been successfully completed on 13.05.2022 by the grace of Allah Almighty and Barakah of your Dua. More than six Hundreds worshipers were present that the program. The program completed during Juma’ah prayer with Dua and Munajat. It is to be mentioned here that Masjid Osman …

Ramadan Food Distributed Successfully

Ramadan Food 2022 for Rohingya

Needy Foundation distributed Ramadan food packages among helpless people and Rohingya Refugees successfully during Ramadan 2022. Hundreds beneficiaries benefited through Ramadan food packages distribution program, Alhamdulillah. Learn more Ramadan for needy also learn Ramadan for Rohingya 

Feed the needy; feed the soul

Man for mankind

Food for needy is a very important humanitarian project of Needy Foundation.  We want that food for all because man for mankind. So, we distribute cooked food, rice and essential food items in various time for the welfare of the needy.   

Ramadan Food Pack Distributed by Needy Foundation

Ramadan Food Pack Distribution2021

Alhamdullah, Needy Foundation is a nonprofitable and charitable voluntary social welfare organization of Bangladesh. Recently Needy Foundation distributed Ramadan Food Package among needy families and orphanages of Chittagong, Bangladesh. 1000 needy families and various orphanages benefited through this Ramadan Food Pack Distribution Project 2021. May Allah Almighty accept their donations who has donated us for …