Ramadan Food Distributed Successfully

Ramadan Food 2022 for Rohingya

Needy Foundation distributed Ramadan food packages among helpless people and Rohingya Refugees successfully during Ramadan 2022. Hundreds beneficiaries benefited through Ramadan food packages distribution program, Alhamdulillah. Learn more Ramadan for needy also learn Ramadan for Rohingya 

Feed the needy; feed the soul

Man for mankind

Food for needy is a very important humanitarian project of Needy Foundation.  We want that food for all because man for mankind. So, we distribute cooked food, rice and essential food items in various time for the welfare of the needy.   

Masjid Construction Project Completed

Masjid Construction Project of Needy Foundation

Alhamdulillah Chumma Alhamdulillah, Needy Foundation completed Masjid construction project in needy society of Bangladesh for the facilities of Muslims to perform their regular Salah with Jum’ah prayer. Such as Needy Foundation has been constructed newly Masjid Eisa at South Sorenga of Anwara under Chattogram, Bangladesh.  Learn more

Wudukhana Project of Needy Foundation

Wudukhan Project adjacent Masjid of Needy Foundation

Alhamdulillah Chumma Alhamdulillah, Needy Foundation has constructed anWudukhana /Ablution place for worshipers in Parki Beach Jame Masjid of Anwara, Chittagong, Bangladesh. An Wudukhana was very needed for the worshipers of the Parki Beach Jame Masjid. Needy Foundation has constructed the Wudukhana on request of the Masjid Managing Committee for the worshipers. May Allah Almighty accept …